Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer Review: Going Vegan and Cleaning Weeds in My Lawn

Most of us use chemicals every single day one way or the other. Be it for food processing, maintaining cleanliness, and even growing the food that we eat.

Do we get results? Yes. Do we get food or plants by the tons? Yes. But is it healthy? Well, I can see people frowning a bit now. Some of you might even hesitate in admitting the inevitable. I can understand. Let me say it out loud…

No! Chemicals most certainly bear an adverse effect on our daily lives. This includes things we wear, our habitats, sensitive things like our skins, and even the plants that we grow in our lawns. One way to counter the adverse effects is to go vegan in whichever way we can.

This is specifically true when keeping our lawns clean from the pesky weeds and unwanted grass. Yes, you can actually do that by using some good ol’ vinegar if you choose.

Don’t believe me. No sir! I’d rather give you some evidence in my Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer Review where I’ll detail it’s benefits and how I use it to get the best output possible. Buckle up! Let’s go on an interesting ride.

Why Am I Recommending This Product?

This is a valid question no matter how you look at things. Yes, it’s organic. This is a “Vinegar-Based” liquid that claims to keep our lawns clean. So, what? Lots of products do that.

Green Gobbler

Yes, you’re right. You’ll find organic products by the tons (I’m repeating myself here) when scouring the market for a weed killer. However, there’s a catch when you’re dealing with Green Gobbler. The makers came up with certain elements that don’t kill you when using it.

By that I mean, you’ll not get cancer or any life-threatening disease even if you end up using it for an extended period OR a bit too much than prescribed. This is a relief for people like me who tend to forget things like “How much of this should I use?”

Another thing to boast for the guys at Green Gobbler is the price tag they put on this killer of weeds (forgive me for being a bit dramatic).

You’ll get a gallon of this wonder product in under $50 from various places. Now, I know people who prefer to shell out some extra bucks if they get benefits worthy of the price.

Don’t worry, I’m getting there!

Green Gobbler Weed Killer is Safe

Green Gobbler Weed Killer is Safe

I mentioned, “No harmful chemicals,” didn’t I? Well, you won’t find Glyphosate, VOCs, Sulphates, and others that are known to cause Cancer. I liked the fact that the guys mention these things outright on the package. I found more to the story when researching further.

Petroleum solvents, bleach, Chlorine, and Fluorine are non-existent. These chemicals are severe threats to the environment we live in. It’s safe to say that Green Gobbler weed and Grass killer is eco-friendly as well. You won’t even notice any pungent odor when applying.

Sure, there’s a lingering smell for the first few hours after we apply this liquid. It doesn’t stay there for days let alone weeks. Whatever smell I noticed in the product, it didn’t clog my nostrils in any way, shape or form. I’m sure you can get on with that.

This 1-gallon product doesn’t even contain artificial colors (in other words, dye). It won’t get on our skins and color it red, blue or green.

The Formula Makers Put in Is Effective

Every weed killer comes with a definite formula to counter plants and grass that you don’t want in your lawn. Green Gobbler does as well. Like I said, it uses vinegar at its core.

I must admit, there are vegan weed killers that depend on vinegar for the job. But there’s a catch. The competition uses 5% concentration of vinegar. This one uses 20% Thus, it’s several times stronger than what we call, “Table Vinegar.”

One of the gripes I have with the product is the fact that it’s slow on the job. It’ll take up to 24 hours to get to the task at hand (I’ll get to the specifics later). Then again, it’s faster when compared to the alternatives you have at hand.

I must tell you that the quantity of the product depends on how much weed you have growing in your lawn.

You Can Use It Wherever You Like

When I call Green Gobbler safe, I mean safe. It’s fine to use this as it won’t harm your skin. People can use it anywhere they like as well. Be it your bed, concrete, your driveway, sidewalk, the front porch of your house or parking lots… this baby doesn’t disappoint.

There’s only one thing for me to tell you. Be careful with vinegar, people, it’s strong. You wouldn’t want to be reckless and pour it over your precious flower plants. There’s a chance that this grass killer will take out a chunk of your plant along with the surrounding grass.

Yes, it’s indiscriminate when it comes to wiping plants out from existence. However, there’s a bright side to the deal. This liquid doom for the weeds takes out every type of weeds as well. Be it Crab Grass, Oxalis, Chickweed or Quackgrass… It’ll kill them. It’ll kill them all.

Green Gobbler Weed and Grass Killer is Vegan… Really!

Vinegar is an herbicide at its core. It’s a good weed killer as well. Now, people will have doubts over this being a vegan weed killer. The guys Green Gobbler know that as well. That’s why they went ahead and got a certificate from OMRI declaring it as chemical-free.

This is the certification that every weed killer aspires to attain. Call it the “Ultimate Proof” of safety for the users. This means, farmers will be able to use it on their plants as well. There are no real drawbacks. Well, you have to be careful when applying it and follow instructions.

How to Use This Product?

Actually, there’s not much to teach you regarding how you should use this thing. Users will get a spray gun along with the package. This is all you need to get to work. The process is “Point at the weed and Spray.”

How to Use Green Gobbler

However, I got good at this. I have my own “Way of doing things” to ensure total victory over the pesky grass and weed that plague my garden and fences time and again. Let’s lay the process down for you while I’m at it.

I got myself a pump sprayer that I recommend for people who have a huge lawn. Remember, this liquid uses 20% vinegar in the mix. This is super high for people who don’t know. I decided to dull the vinegar out a bit and mixed it with 1 gallon 6% vinegar.

After I was done, the concentration came down to 13%. This is moderately strong and does the job at a slower pace. Yet, this mixture was effective for me. Spray this on the weeds of your garden (the pesky brown ones too) and you’ll soon see results.

An effective spray on a sunny day makes quick work of the weeds. I saw results within five or so days after diluting the mixture to 13%. Your’s can be faster.

Some of the Safety Tips I Followed During My Time with It

It’s not that I went my merry way while using this killer product and didn’t take safety measures. Of course, I did! Let’s talk about my concerns and measures to counter them.

  • The sprayer you get in the package has a long reach. You can lengthen it further by using custom nozzles. I’ll advice you to drain the object completely before and after each use to make sure that there are no particles of the weed killer inside.
  • I’ll NOT advise you to use this thing during a gloomy or rainy day. Make no mistake, Green Gobbler IS waterproof. But it takes two hours to coat the weeds with it. During that time, it can easily be washed away if it rains.
  • I’d say a day with 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is perfect for a spray. It should be bright and sunny. Let me in you on a secret. You can increase the effectiveness of Green Gobbler Grass and Weed Killer by using it with soap, detergent or orange oil.
  • Make no mistake, this IS NOT traditional vinegar. The makers used 20% vinegar in the mix. It’s much stronger than normal substances which use as much as 5%. You should be handling it with care if you don’t want your precious lawn turning into shreds.

Let me repeat the one sentence I’m stressing on one more time. It’s an indiscriminate killer. It WILL harm normal plants of yours. You’ll do well to spray it with care. I use cardboards to shield healthy grass, shrubs, and perennials from its effects.

What I Liked about this Weed Killer

  • It’s vegan. You won’t find any harmful chemicals that’ll cause you diseases.
  • It’s much stronger than chemical weed killers with 20% vinegar concentration in the mix.
  • It’s very easy to apply on plants if you don’t want to dilute it to a certain degree first.
  • You’ll have a huge quantity of this product (one gallon) at a price under $100. It’s a profitable bargain indeed.
  • Green Gobbler Grass Killer comes with an OMRI certification. Homeowners and farmers can use this thing without issues.

What I Didn’t Like about this Weed Killer

  • One must use this thing with care in rainy days. It takes time to be fully waterproof.
  • Green Gobbler Weed killer takes time to take effect. Expect up to 18 hours of delay after you’ve sprayed it on your lawn plants.
  • 20% vinegar is a bit risky to tread. I’ll advice you to dilute it before using for an optimal effect.
  • This thing is an indiscriminate killer. Be blissful when spraying and you’ll end up killing plants and grasses you hold dear.

Frequently Asked Questions That I Had in Mind as Well

To be honest with you, I didn’t use such high concentrated vinegar and a vegan weed killer before. Naturally, I had a few questions in mind before, during, and after using this thing on my plants. I got my answers through asking around and doing a bit of research on my own. That’s why I thought to design this section and tell you the answers that I discovered.

How Would I Apply This on Bamboo Plants?

This is a bit tricky for people who don’t have a bit of prior experience. Trust me, you’ll have to do a lot of digging. I’ll advise you to dig up the rhizomes from the ground. Cut down the stalks to ground level. Then, allow the stalks to regrow.

The next thing to do is to severe the rhizomes with a sharp spade. Then, apply this thing on the stalks, leaves, and bamboo shoots. I cannot stress this enough, but be careful when applying vinegar. It kills any plant that comes in direct contact with it.

Allow some time for Green Gobbler Grass Killer to settle in. It’ll penetrate the plant and do its job. However, DO NOT apply it on the soil surrounding the plant as it’ll spoil the soil as well.

Tell Me How to Deal with Buckthorn Using This Product?

Let’s be honest, Buckthorn is a hard plant to deal with. It seems to thrive even if you apply several types of weed killers. However, there’s a way of getting things sorted out.

I’ve seen people follow almost the same steps when dealing with bamboo plants. Buckthorn is a foot high when fully grown. You’d do well to cut the stump to size. Then, apply the product on leaves, stum, and the roots.

The next thing to do is cover the plant with black plastic so that everything settles down. Check on the plants in a week or two to see if new spouts have grown.

Lawn owners agree to the fact that one or two applications vinegar is needed to completely wipe Buckthorn out from our gardens and lawns.

How Soon Would I Be Able to Plant My Veggies After Spraying Green Gobbler?

This can of wonder starts to work on the weeds in 24 hours. It gets diluted with rain. A day of rain should render the weed/grass killer useless. However, after doing my research and reading quite a few Green Gobbler Weed & Grass Killer Reviews, I’d tell you to wait for a week just to be safe.

What’s the nearest proximity of water for me to spray the weed killer?

This product is rather thick when compared to water. Yes, this is because of the vinegar that’s used in the mix. One can safely use it within 400 feet of distance from any water source. It’s safe to use on farmlands that are near lakes or ponds. Vinegar doesn’t leach.

What Type of Spray Guns Should I Use If My Garden is Full of Weeds?

Under normal circumstances, I’d tell you to use the small spray gun that accompanies the package. However, if the garden is riddled with weeds, you can use different types of pump sprays as well. You can go for a “Continual Spray Tank.” This doesn’t require you to squeeze the trigger constantly.

Still, if you’re happy with using pump sprays, I’d advise you to cut down your weeds a bit before using this weed killer on them for best results.

Is It Safe to Let Our Pets Out After A Spraying Session?

You’ll hear people telling you that it’s safe to let your dogs/cats out in the garden after one or two hours of a spraying session. The makers have a different point of view. They think that you should keep your pets inside for four hours or so.

By that time, the weed killer will be fully absorbed by the plants and won’t pose any threats to them. I know people who have omnivorous pets. Don’t worry, this vinegar-based product has a specific odor that will prevent your pets from eating plants that you used it on.

Let’s End Our Discussion Here!

Weed killers are tough things to deal with. As you know by now, most products contain harmful chemicals that either go overboard in killing weeds or don’t do the job at all.

Then, there’s the issue of being human and environment-friendly. Most of the products fail miserably at these two things as well. For me, one way to avoid all these risks is to choose an organic weed killer such as this. It’s reasonably priced when you consider the output.

I’ve already detailed a few of the processes you can follow being a backyard warrior. Make sure to check up on the instruction manual as well.

There’s this issue of indiscriminate killing of plants with vinegar at the helm if you’re not careful enough.

Yet, as most of the Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed Killer Reviews will tell you, a bit of precaution can save your plants and time well. I keep always a gallon or two of this liquid at hand to manage my garden.

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