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Best Pre-Emergent Herbicides: Top Picks & Reviews 2023

You have a lawn or garden to tend to. It’s important to help make it look it’s best. However, weeds and invasive species can do more harm than good to your garden and crops. That’s why you need the best pre-emergent herbicide to help stop weeds and other invasive bad guys from ever growing. We’ll be taking a look at seven of the best pre-emergent herbicides that are considered the best on the market as of today.

Invasive species can pop up just about anywhere. They can be in your home garden, your lawn, or even your commercial property. You can own a fairly large amount of land and you’ll be tackling a problem that is known for robbing your lawn, garden, and trees of water and the nutrients it needs to grow and flourish.

Here’s one thing that might not be aware of…the property value. If the invasive species problem goes untreated, imagine what it would do to the value when it comes time to sell. Now, it’s time to choose the herbicide that is right for you. Keep on reading for a list of pre-emergent herbicides to choose from.

Top Seven Pre-Emergent Herbicides of 2020

If invasive species are a problem, then you have options. The following are seven of the pre-emergent herbicides that I think are the best for 2020. Now is the time to choose one of these so you are able to stay ahead of the curve and prevent weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive species from ever growing. Let’s take a look at the first one on the list:

Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Pre-Emergent Herbicide

First, we’ll be looking at the Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Pre-Emergent Herbicide. This contains ingredients that are effective against so many weeds and invasive species. Whether it’s crabgrass, goosegrass, chickweed, or foxtail this herbicide will prevent them from growing much further. You want your lawn looking mighty fine for the neighbors to stop and stare.

Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Pre-Emergent Herbicide

I highly recommend this if you are dealing with some issues with weeds and such on your lawn. Plus, it can also prove itself to be effective if you are just growing a simple garden in the yard. Quali-Pro can be used in the springtime as the weather starts to warm up or in the fall time so your bases are covered just before winter. Either way, you’ll be stopping weeds and other types of bad guys from growing. Otherwise, your lawn or garden won’t look so lush and healthy.

The active ingredient in Quali-Pro is Prodiamine. This is an ingredient that is used for herbicides that are used commercially. Your local golf course, tree nurseries, even Christmas tree farms will use an herbicide that will contain Prodiamine. It’s been proven time and time again to be an effective ally against weeds, crabgrass, and so many other invasive species.

Prodiamine is safe to use on almost any kind of grass. Fescue, bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass…the list goes on and on. You won’t need to worry about whether or not you are in the right climate to use Quali-Pro.

You’ll be getting a 5-pound bottle of Quali-Pro, which is guaranteed to last you quite a while. Then again, it may depend on the size of your property as well. As mentioned, the only time you’ll need to be using this is during the Spring and Fall. Whether you know it or not, invasive species can pop up at any point in time. And it’s up to you to put a stop to them before it’s too late.

One of the things that I like about this herbicide is the fact that it’s not one of those big-name brands. You don’t need an herbicide with a familiar name to get effective results. Quali-Pro is quite effective against various invasive species. Plus, it’s a weed preventer that gets the job done every time you apply it.

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Even if you have been dealing with a large weed invasion the previous year, you can take them out before they start re-emerging again the following year. Be sure to cover your bases as much as possible so you don’t get a repeat.

One thing that I didn’t like was that a small percentage of the crabgrass will return. It will be effective in some areas and sometimes you’ll need to be able to give it a bit more than normal. But don’t overdo it or you’ll do more harm to your lawn than good.

The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Now, we’ll be focusing on The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control. If you own a home up to 5,800 square feet or a chunk of land where weeds have been a problem, this is the herbicide that I highly recommend. This comes in your choice of an 18 pound or 50-pound bag.

The Andersons Pre-Emergent Weed Control

This is formulated with key ingredients that are best used for preventing any kind of weed growth (it will not kill weeds). If you want something that will give you better control over them, you’d be hard-pressed to find an herbicide that will be effective and useful. One of the things you need to note is that for the best results, you’ll need to use this in the early spring. I highly recommend that you apply this while the soil temperature is south of 55 degrees.

You can also apply this in the fall, that way you can prevent crabgrass from growing next year. There is nothing better than preventing the growth of invasive species the year before another spring returns. That’s one of the best things I love about herbicides. You prevent disaster from happening well in advance.

Keep in mind that this is an herbicide that will need to be applied at certain times of the year. However, depending on where you are in the United States that timing will differ. That’s why they’ll have instructions that will specify when which part of the country should apply the herbicide. If you live in the northeastern United States, the timing will be different in comparison to someone living in the Deep South. The latter region will have a milder winter compared to those up north.

This is another herbicide that contains prodiamine. This means you can use it on any type of grass. Plus, it will get rid of most of the invasive bad guys. So if you are looking for something that will be effective once placed under four inches of soil, then I think you’re going to love what The Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control will have to offer.

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Here’s what I love about it is that it is effective in pretty much every planting zone. It doesn’t matter if you live in the northeast or the western half of the country it will work with any kind of soil. Plus, it’s one of the closest herbicides that you can get to professional grade.

One thing I noticed that I consider a downside is that it will not prevent the growth of some invasive species like clovers or the like.

Southern Ag Pre-Eminent Herbicide

Next up we have the Southern Ag Pre-Eminent Herbicide. If you are looking for the best possible control over annual grass and broadleaf weeds, then you might find this pre-eminent herbicide to be quite the selection. Plus, it’s a good choice for you if you are looking for something that is cost-effective. It’s possible to find a great pre-eminent herbicide if money seems to be on the tight side. But don’t go for cheap, otherwise you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Southern Ag Pre-Emergent Herbicide

This is only applied on the surface, so you’re not going to be doing some digging up (compared to the previous herbicide that we’ve reviewed). Southern Ag will work with various warm weather turfs such as bermudagrass, buffalograss, bahiagrass, and others. And it’s also safe to use on ornamentals as well. This is a simple to use herbicide that you can apply with water immediately or 21 days after the initial application. Either way, it will be effective once you apply it. The herbicide will last at least 4 months until you need to apply it again.

Aside from lawns, you can use this on non-bearing trees, non-croplands, and industrial sites. Where there are weeds, you can apply this pre-eminent herbicide to where they will never return. This can also work well with some weed killers. Herbicides don’t kill weeds. But they can prevent them from ever growing again. That’s why it’s important to kill them first before applying Southern Ag Pre-Eminent Herbicide.

The active ingredient contained in this pre-eminent herbicide is oryzalin. This is an ingredient that is known for disrupting the growth of weeds, crabgrass, and other bad guys that are on a mission to suck the life out of your beautiful lawn and garden. They can take away water and nutrients that will prevent your lawn from looking greener and better looking than ever.

This is a simple pre-emergent herbicide that will be useful for the spring, summer, and even fall months. Especially when you want to prevent all kinds of bad guys from ruining your lawn.

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One of the things that I love about this is that it is guaranteed to kill 100% crabgrass and prevent any kind of future growth. That’s what the perfect herbicide should do. Some of them kill crabgrass and some don’t.

However, there is one concern that I want to mention. Some users say that it might not be the best for the environment due to some of the chemical ingredients. Unless you use it in small quantities it shouldn’t be a problem.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer

The next pre-emergent herbicide on our list is the Preen Garden Weed Preventer. If you want to talk about taking preventative measures, this will allow you to apply this every three months so that weeds, crabgrass, and others won’t have a chance at growing. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most versatile herbicides on the market. That’s because it can work in flower gardens, vegetable gardens, trees, and more. In short, this will do a good job of protecting your garden without harming your hard work (or your food supply).

Preen 2464083 Garden Weed Preventer

The great thing about this herbicide is that you can apply it anytime during the spring, summer, or fall. What I recommend that you do is apply it on a three-month basis as directed. Ideally, you should apply it in April, followed by July, and lastly in October. However, I’d recommend that you check your soil temperature first. Plus, the geographical location will obviously play a factor. If anything, if you were to apply this in the spring, I say do so if the soil temperature is less than 55 degrees.

Plus, it can cover up to 5,000 square feet of every garden, tree, or shrub you have on your property. By the way, this isn’t an herbicide for lawns. If you are looking for something that will keep your grass free from weeds and such, you’ll need to look for something else.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer is easy to use and will work around the clock day in and day out. Just get rid of any existing weeds within your garden or trees, apply this herbicide, activate it with water, and you should be good to go.

One thing that I’d like to point out that it works very effectively with mulched areas. If you want the best possible results, you’ll need to use mulch where necessary.

One downside I noticed about this herbicide is that it’s a bit on the expensive side. If you are looking for an herbicide on a budget, this might not fit it. But not to worry, there are herbicides like this that are affordable and quite effective.

Dimension 2EW Dithiopyr Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Next on the list, we have the Dimension 2EW Dithiopyr Pre-Emergent Herbicide. This is great for residential and commercial lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees. This is formulated to combat crabgrass, weeds, and invasive species throughout much of the year. It’s easy to apply and will definitely be put to good use if you have plenty of ground to cover.

Dimension 2EW Dithiopyr Pre-Emergent Herbicide

One thing that has really impressed me with this herbicide is that it contains no odor at all. And it’s easy to apply in various spray tanks. If you have a half-gallon spray tank that you haven’t put to good use yet, this would be a good time to do so. Just pour in the entire bottle of Dimension 2EW and you will be able to go around your property and apply it where needed. What makes it even better is that this herbicide can be great on more than 40 different flowers, trees, shrubs, and more.

If you are looking for season-long protection, then this herbicide could be exactly what you’re looking for. Just a simple application where needed will eliminate the potential growth of weeds that will make lawns, golf courses, trees, and other landscapes look bad. As a property owner, I know I don’t want that (and neither should you). If anything, the last thing I want to do is spend the day pulling nothing but weeds. Save yourself the time and apply something like this to your lawn, garden, or trees. I promise you that your weeding days will finally be over.

I love this because it’s highly effective. And one full tank of this will give me plenty of coverage. So if you are worried about not having enough herbicide and you have a fairly large amount of ground to cover, a half-gallon should be enough.

One downside is that it may contain some harmful chemicals. What you’ll notice on the instructions is that in a certain part of the US, it requires you to use a specific amount in order to protect the environment. If you are looking for an herbicide that is environmentally friendly you may need to look elsewhere.

Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide

If you are looking for long-term control over weed, crabgrass, and everything in between then you might want to take a closer look at Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide. In fact, you’ll have more growth control over invasive species compared to any other pre-emergent herbicide that is currently on the market. How long will this prevent any kind of growth? Try 6 to 8 months. Now I like that a lot. This will hold off more than 100 weeds of the grassy and broadleaf variety.

Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide

One thing I should tell you, if you need to apply this you’ll need to do it on days prior to rainfall or irrigation. It might be hard to predict the weather, so if you are planning the irrigation route you’ll want to do it when the time is right (late spring or early summer). You can apply anywhere between 2.3 to 4.6 pounds per 1,000 square feet. So if you have a bit of ground to cover, you can use the amount that you desire.

This contains a couple of active ingredients that will work together to eliminate any growth of weeds and will never harm any non-bearing trees, gardens, ornamentals, Christmas tree plantations, and more. If you are looking for an herbicide that can stop plenty of weeds and won’t harm a lot of your plants and trees, I highly suggest you give Snapshot a try.

A great upside to this herbicide is that it’s 99.9 percent effective. And they mean it when they promise to keep weeds under control for 6 to eight months. The timing could work out just fine. Apply it every six months (March and September) so your bases are pretty much covered.

Plus, I find this to be great for not just homeowners, but for professional landscapers as well. If you own a landscaping or lawn care business, your clients will appreciate that you’ve taken it one step further from ridding their lawn of weeds and crabgrass.

As for downsides, not a lot to talk about. This herbicide is actually that good.

Surflan Pro Pre-Emergent Herbicide Concentrate

Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the Surflan Pro Pre-Emergent Herbicide Concentrate. What this is is a concentrate that you can mix together in order to make it into an effective herbicide. Once mixed, you can apply it on the surface. You can use this in your garden, trees, shrubs, and more. If you are looking for something that will give you selective control, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Surflan Pro Pre-Emergent Herbicide Concentrate

This will allow up to 8 months of total weed control. You’ll be subduing growth of plenty of the broadleaf and grassy weeds when you apply this throughout your landscape. Your trees, garden, shrubs, and ornamentals will not be harmed with the application of this herbicide. If you own land with plenty of these I recommend that you try this out for yourself. Even for 8 months of total weed control, it’s actually not that bad. You can apply this once a year in the spring if you want to. Once winter is all said and done you can do it all over again. Application rates will also depend on the kind of invasive species that you’re dealing with. In other words, you may need to apply a bit more than normal if the weed and invasive species are growing in exponential numbers. A small amount of it may not be enough. If you are dealing with a bit more weeds than you can handle, don’t be afraid to apply a little more. But I highly suggest that you don’t overdo it either.

Let’s point out what I like about this herbicide other than what I’ve mentioned. It’s great for homeowners and even commercial landowners with plenty of ground to cover. In fact, I go so far as to say that this might be one of the better options. Especially when it gives you 8 months of total weed and invasive species control. If you live in a place like the northeastern US, one application might be enough since the winter weather will obviously slow down growth anyway.

As far as downsides are concerned, I wasn’t able to find any.

Thing To Consider While Choosing The Best Pre-Emergent Weed Killers

When choosing a pre-emergent herbicide, it’s important to consider some things before making a purchase. Rather than blindly purchase the first one you see on the shelf, here are some things to look for when shopping for one:

  • Price

If you are looking for an herbicide and money seems to be tight, it’s important to find one that will be the most effective that you can afford. You’ll need to pay attention to the ingredients that it contains. For example, prodiamine is a proven ingredient that is known for controlling the growth of weed and crabgrass. It also has the ability to work for months on end without harming trees, gardens, lawns, and much more.

  • Is it environmentally safe?

There have been concerns about herbicides over the years. One of them is whether or not the chemicals that are included pose a danger to the environment and also the personal health of the user. Some of the herbicides will have instructions warning the user about certain chemicals that could harm the environment if it’s overapplied. In some parts of the US, there are laws and regulations where you’ll need to apply a specific amount. Some pre-emergent herbicides will mention this in small print on their containers.

  • How often should you apply?

What you may have noticed, some pre-emergent herbicides must be applied twice a year (every three to six months). Some can also be applied between longer periods. The more control over weed growth you need, the better. The longer the period between applications, the better off you’ll be. You’ll need to apply herbicides in the springtime depending on where you are in the US. The timing will differ depending on the region. If you live in the South, you’ll apply it earlier than someone who lives in the northern half of the US.

  • Surface or soil application

Some herbicides can be applied on the surface. Others will need to be applied within the soil. The question is, which one will work for you better? If you are dealing with a much larger problem with weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive species then you may want to consider a surface application. Soil-applied herbicides will be great for small patches of weeds and other invasive species. But it will require a bit more work such as digging up a good amount of soil (at least a couple inches deep or more).

  • What are you trying to prevent the growth of?

Most herbicides will prevent the growth of common weeds and crabgrass. However, they may also not be effective against specific types of invasive species like foxtails. That’s where you’ll need to dig deep on what pre-emergent herbicide will prevent the most growth. Some will prevent the growth of as many as 40 species while others will prevent the growth of nearly triple the amount.

  • Residential or commercial?

If you are a homeowner, then you’ll want to find a pre-emergent herbicide that is formulated to take care of your invasive species problem. Residential herbicides will be less potent compared to commercial herbicides when it comes to effectiveness and the ingredients that it contains.

  • What kind of grass do you have?

There are plenty of herbicides that will work with most types of grass. You should know about the type of grass on your lawn prior to choosing a pre-emergent herbicide. Most herbicides will work on grass types such as fescue, bermudagrass, St. Augustine, and others. The type of grass that you may have will depend on the area where you live. Learn how to identify your grass by checking out some online resources including types of grass in your geographical area.


If you are looking for the best pre-emergent herbicide, I highly suggest you consider choosing one of the seven listed above. You can find one that will be effective against invasive species and be able to apply it at least once or twice a year at best. Your lawn, garden, trees, and the rest of your yard is important. You want it to look beautiful and healthier than ever. But invasive species can do more harm than good. A good herbicide will keep them at bay and prevent any kind of future growth.

Remember, the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide is during the spring. That way, you get a head start on stopping invasive species before they become a real problem.

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