7 Best Post Emergent Weed Killers: A Definitive Guide

So those leafy spawns of Satan are back in your backyard, aren’t they? Sure they have and you’re losing your sleep over it, being a caring landscaper you are. Post-emergent weeds killers are the surefire way to get rid of those pesky weeds that have already sprouted their annoying little heads out of the soil. […]

Best Organic Weed Killer: Top 10 Safest Products To Keep Your Areas Weed-Free

Herbicides are the most common solution applied for weed management. For example, around 19% of the world’s glyphosate-based weed killers have been used in the United States alone since 1974. But the popularity of chemical weed killers means that their active ingredients linger long after they’ve done their work. The risk of soil contamination and […]

Best Commercial Weed Killer: Top 7 Reviewed & Compared

Managing your precious lawns and gardens can be tough, especially when weeds come to town. You want to be a responsible caretaker, but you aren’t sure what to buy – do you go hard and use a strong chemical weed killer like RoundUp? Or do you try your luck with an organic, natural herbicide instead? […]

10 Best Weed Killer For Lawns: Reviews And Tips For A Better Lawn

According to satellite imaging, America has a little over 40 million acres of lawn. That much grass presents a few problems! One of the biggest issues that can impact a lawn is weed. Weeds don’t just take away from the aesthetic of the property: they drain the nutrients from the turf, compete for resources, and […]

7 Best Weed Killer For Large Areas: Clearing Up A Massive Garden

If you let them get out of control, weeds can destroy your land. In fact, weeds can account for a massive 32% of crop yield losses per year. If you want to protect your land from these nasty pests then you’ll need to invest in a high-quality weed killer. However, there are tons of products […]

10 Best Weeding Tools For Lawns & Gardens

Weeds aren’t just unsightly, they’re extremely damaging. It’s estimated that uncontrolled weeds could cost the United States and Canada $43 billion per year. These pests sprout out of nowhere and steal sunlight and nutrients from your other plants. If left unattended to, a bed of weeds can easily choke all your plants and take over […]

Pet-Friendly Weed Killers: Keep Your Pet And Garden Safe!

Can you trust your weed killer? A 2013 study showed that exposure to herbicide-treated lawns is associated with a higher risk of cancer in dogs. Chemical-based herbicides can threaten your pets thanks to a variety of dangerous ingredients. The most dangerous of which is ‘glyphosate’, which can linger in soil, water, and food, and is […]

Top 7 Strongest Weed Killers For A Cleaner Lawn

It takes a lot of work to grow the ideal garden. Aside from finding the right plants, the correct soil, and the proper care and conditioning to keep your greenery healthy, there’s also dealing with weeds. And while you can take care of weeds with a little pruning and some attention, there are more stubborn […]

Best Natural Weed Killers: 10 Awesome Products For A Weedless Garden

You’ve probably spent tons of hours planning out your garden—from looking at Pinterest-worthy landscapes to figuring out which plants will grow best in your area. There’s only one thing preventing you from getting the gorgeous garden of your dreams: weeds! There are tons of products out there that are designed to kill weeds, but most […]