Your One-Stop Guide to Best Weed Killers for Clover Plants

We’ve probably all heard about clovers by now. On first glance, they’re just ordinary plants with one of the prettiest leaves. Nature outdid itself there. They do have some utility as well. Hence, it’s natural for us to ask, does it fall into the category of weeds? Well, if you consider modern categorization, then yes. […]

Does Salt Kill Weeds? Find Out How To Easily Use Salt As Weed Killer

Summer is here and while the lockdown situation eases globally, the weeds in your lawn and garden are guaranteed to get the better of us, or are they? We are going to uncover the truth behind a common household weed treatment – does salt kill weeds? Myth or fact, we will find out as well […]

Does Bleach Kill Weeds? The Science and Art of Killing Weeds with Bleach

I have used undiluted bleach to zap small nuisance weeds in the cracks of my sidewalk and along the wooden fences of my house since forever. The repeated dose of a strong hypochlorite bleach like Clorox can even nuke noxious species like dandelions. So in short, yes, you can use bleach as a weed killer […]

Best Poison Ivy Killer: The Best Way To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a fairly common weed in the North American region. It is well known for its tendency to inflict contact dermatitis; a very irritating and possibly painful rash that is caused by the chemical urushiol. Up to 50 million Americans are affected by this dangerous plant every single year. While not everyone is […]

Best Weed Killer For Driveways And Gravel: Maintaining Your Hardscape

63% of all occupied housing units in the US include a garage and a driveway. Driveways are helpful for your car, but they’re also an added maintenance headache. Weeds get everywhere, especially after the concrete has settled and has had time to expand. To make matters worse, weeds embedded in concrete are incredibly hard to […]

Best Weed Killer for Creeping Charlie: Reviews & Top Picks

If you’re a lawn-perfectionist like me, chances are, you and weeds never get along AT-ALL. I’ve taken down many a weed in my time, and somehow a new variant manages to resurface. I remember waking up to one fine summer morning, only to realize a batch of Creeping Charlie has crept into my property. I’m […]

Best Weed Killer for Rocks: Your Cheat-sheet to Weed-War

I’ve been in a stand-off with weed since the day I stepped into my property. Even with over-the-top effort, the fight was tough. I’m not saying weed infestation is a lawn’s apocalypse. However, if you let it slide, thinking to yourself- eh I’ve got it covered, it can turn into the Poison Ivy’s playground. These […]

Best Weed Eater: A Complete Guide To Weed Wackers

78% of American adults live in a home with a lawn, meaning that the landscaping industry is massive business. There are so many innovative tools on the market to keep your lawn looking pristine; but the most effective of all of them is the ‘weed eater’. A weed eater is similar to a lawn mower, […]