About Us

The passion for gardening was passed on to me by my dad who got this from his dad. Like most kids, I also got my allowances by doing small gardening chores like watering and sowing the plants, raking leaves, weeding and so on.

I remember asking my dad once something along the lines of “why do we kill weeds when they are also plants?”. That was the day when I learned the concept of necessary evil.

Weeds, despite being essentially just like any other plant, are an unwanted element in your garden. They compete with your main crop plants for light, water and nutrients. I’ve seen my father putting an immense amount of hard work into weed control. Weed management used to be the main topic of discussion over dinner table between my father and uncles every weekend.

Unlike my old man, I have always had the privilege to turn to the internet whenever my inquisitive mind craves for information. So when I looked up online to find effective weed control methods, the lack of substantial information left me very disappointed. No wonder most people of my generation find gardening “too much unnecessary work”. True that it is a lot of work but it’s also fun.

Now, coming to the point, I didn’t have enough information on weeding to fall back on years ago but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. I created budgetfriendlydeal.com on a whim one fine evening to share my years of learnings with anyone who needs it. From sustainable weed management methods to in-depth weed control product reviews, you will find everything here under one roof.

Budgetfriendlydeal.com aims to lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to grow plants (either commercially or as a hobbyist) and do it right. I’ll be using my years of landscaping experience and unquenchable thirst for knowledge to bring forth the most effective weed-management strategies to you.